Check out some of the sweet things my clients have said about my services!

Brittany has been a joy to work with. She is responsive and has great design ideas. I will definitely continue to work with her on all my projects.

- Robert Pagliarini, PhD, CFP, EA

Brittany has done a great job on all of the projects we've worked with her on. She's fast, professional, on budget, highly responsive and has a strong attention to detail.

- Andrew Yang,

I loved working with Brittany. She was always a step ahead of my thinking. She let me lead when I wanted to and had ideas, and stepped in creatively when I was out of ideas.

- Joe Nagengast,

I have used Brittany's services for the past year. I needed a website for my photography business and also a logo for branding purposes. Brittany helped me with brain storming ideas so I could provide her with what she needed to design my logo. She also talked to me about my website, its purpose, intended audience, and functionality. Brittany delivered products that I absolutely love! Brittany is very knowledgeable with the current trends in webdesign and graphic design. She talked to me about how to optimize my website visibility, guided me through how to make changes to the my website and how I can work with SEO. Brittany has a plethora of resources that she shared with me which has helped me better understand SEO and other processes. She is very patient, very professional, and very detailed. Brittany has delivered superior service and products. I highly recommend Brittany to other business owners who need a new website or logo because she really is one of the best designers I have ever worked with!

- Melanie Goodman,

I started my business a few years ago and because of the expense I made my own site. I thought it would be easy and that I could make it what I wanted. It functioned,but I was not reaching my target audience well and it just didn't look professional. I met Brittany around that time and felt really comfortable with her knowledge and expertise and decided to take the plunge and invest in a formal website. I have been thrilled time and time again with my interactions with Brittany. She has increased my business in such an amazing way that when my site was down for only a month it was noticeable how much my phone calls slowed. Once I had her put it back up I had multiple interviews lined up with in few days! She made building my site fun and easy. She has always been great at making suggestions and making what dream become into a reality. Now that I have been working with her for years and have seen her produce work that has always amazed me I realize that web design with Dlishus Designs is part tech and part artistic genius and Brittany fulfills both well! She goes above and beyond always. Her work is never mediocre or cookie cutter. If you are looking for a great site that will increase your business Brittany is your girl!

-Kathya Delaguila, MW